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Letter published in The Irish Independent
23 August 2004

We need a new flag

Sir -
While reading A History of Irish Flags by G. A. Hayes-McCoy, two
things struck me: the continuity of the harp as an emblem of
Ireland since the early 1500s, and the fact that the maritime
nature of our geographical position has never been represented in
our national flags.

I believe it is time to move on from the past religious differences
represented in the Irish tricolour and create a new flag which
would symbolise our cultural heritage and national resources.
Therefore may I suggest a new design: 
a gold harp on a green background in the upper
left corner continuing as three green stripes on a white background
(to represent Irish culture and the land) with two blue and white
stripes below (to represent the sea).

Such a design, I feel would go a long way towards uniting all the
people in a new multicultural Ireland.

Yours, etc.,
Caoimhghin Ó Croidheáin